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What Is the Best Roller System For Massage Chair?

If you have done some research before purchasing a daily used massage chair, you probably found in most of the retails or on-line shops, two types of roller system of massage chairs are usually sold. Most advanced roller system will use Roller Track System for more mobility and long coverage, while fixed point system is simple but still convenient for house holding need.
Rollers that are in a fixed point system are capable of doing just about everything. The only difference is they are static making the range of motion slightly smaller.

Some people prefer a fixed point system because points are more likely to hit sweet spots more often. Engineers used the body’s map to determine where to place rollers to target specific areas. If you are of average height and build a fixed point system might be worth looking into.
Massage chairs with fixed point systems are primarily designed for people who have neck, shoulder, hip, and back pain. Typically, they do not provide you with a seat or thigh roller massage.

The more common style of recliners is made with a roller track system. These chairs have a long roller track that extends from head to lower back.

The track guides rollers along the spinal area allowing them to work hard to reach spots. They can move laterally or vertically giving while they give you a massage.

You may have seen that the majority of models will claim to be either an L-Track or an S-Track.

Our Opinions & Suggestions:
So what is the best decision for choosing a massage chair? Actually it is really complex answer varying from different people.

People of average height might be worth looking into the fixed point system because engineers have located the fixed roller on specific point according to the body’s map. This is quite critical because massage feeling very depends on precise massage point. Another good reason is massage chairs with fixed point system are sold usually much cheaper than the ones with Roller Track System. This does not mean it worths buying massage chair with Roller Track System or Roller Track System is clear superior than Fixed Roller System. In honest, as a professional manufacturer who has engaged in this industry for more than ten years, I have to say that the cost difference in manufacturing two systems is no more than 200 dollars, but selling price difference might be over $1000-$8000.

For people who seek the best massage feeling with no budget line definitely should choose Roller Track System for the first choice.It comes with the best deisgn and usually incorporats multi-functions such as Intelligent Computer Scan, Yoga Strech or Space Saving Technology.

What makes the massage chair with Roller Track System so high? Even someone is selling $10000 for one set. Talk with this topic in next article.