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Shiatsu Masssage Chair

☆☆☆Robotictouch 8032 Robotic Hand Massage Chair

Item No.: 003
Robotic Hand Massage Chair/L Track

Features & Programs
1 Intelligent four –wheel mechanics massage hands(Robotic Hand Massage)/L Track
2 More Experience of Massage including Kneading , Finger Pressing(shiatsu), Slaping, Drum Kneading,etc.
3 Three modes to adjust the width of the neck 6cm-12cm-21cm

Air-cell Massage Technology Covers Entire Body
5 Zero-Gravity Position
6Heating Therapy On Lower Back
7 U-Shape Pillow


Massage System Intelligent four –wheel mechanics massage hands
Air bag number more than 30
Dimension 135*82*82
Power 180w
Voltage can be customized
Gross weight 70kg
Color Choosing Black/Chocolate/Red